Mátyás Lember, Transport Planner

Changing lives with video tutorials?




Three years ago, when I uploaded my first tutorial video on YouTube, I never thought that this would change my life. It was a simple video explaining how to set up the background in PTV Vissim 7. And yet it definitely opened a can of worms – in a good way.
How it all started
When I first came around microsimulation and the tools used for it, I found it difficult to get my hand on easy-to-understand learning materials. So every time I learned something new, I created a tutorial video. I thought: If this piece of information was helpful to me, maybe it would also help others. Consequently, the first tutorials dealt with the important basics of PTV Vissim. However, more and more users watched my videos and asked for more specific tutorials, for example how to model interchanges. I could not answer some of the questions, which motivated me to keep going and to find out the answer. This constant challenge kept me interested to learn more and to further develop my skills.

“I am creating YouTube tutorials about microsimulation – not just to help the community, but also to challenge myself everyday anew. Exploring and learning new things is my motivation.”

The community grew and grew
After some time, it shocked me how huge the community was, and how many people are interested in microsimulation. I received countless grateful emails and have met several great people. The videos motivated other persons to share their own skills and ideas regarding Vissim and about microsimulation in general. That, in turn, kept me motivated to dig deeper into Vissim and its yearly releases, to create tutorials about more specific topics, and to work on more complex modelling projects.
PTV Vissim as a life changer?
It sounds a bit cheesy, but microsimulation has changed my life. It has already landed a great job for me, which I am grateful for. Since I have become a part of the community, I have been having more and more opportunities, which I would have never got without these tutorials. And I am not done yet: After all these years of intensive work, I still have plans on how to further enhance my skills. And I also have ideas on how to improve Vissim, regarding the visual interface for example or the license handling.
More about Mátyás:
Mátyás has a profound engineering background and holds a bachelor’s degree in transportation and highway engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His passion for microsimulation brought him eventually from the Centre for Budapest Transport to an engineering and consulting company in the UK.
Mátyás likes to make a difference. He enjoys exploring new ways of doing things and being a pioneer. Sometimes this ends in a success, but sometimes it does not. Even if the outcome is not a success, he still considers it a lesson learned and keeps trying to make things better and more effective.
If you want to know more, check out Mátyás’ YouTube channel or connect with him on LinkedIn.
Get to know the PTV Expert:
Tobias Kretz, Chief Product Manager for PTV Viswalk at PTV Group
Mátyás is really a valuable contributor to the PTV Vissim and Viswalk community. Not just with his YouTube channel, but also with his posts and support in the Vissim User Forum on LinkedIn. It is people like him, that drive the community idea, with sharing his knowledge and helping others. And not least, his story teaches that teaching is learning.
Visit our YouTube channel for more videos on Vissim. If you are looking for more tips & tricks, FAQs, training courses and demo versions, you can check out the support websites for PTV Vissim and PTV Viswalk.

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