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Quite often I refer to Youtube when I want to learn literally anything. Already as a civil engineering student, I used to watch lots of videos about using PTV Vissim. There are many of those videos there, and I like how they make our life easier. So, one day I told myself, why not do the same for PTV Visum? At the time, there weren’t many videos on Youtube teaching you how to work with PTV Visum and I decided to make a series that walks users through the first steps. I always follow the saying “Knowledge not shared, is knowledge wasted!”.
From concept to recording
I started by writing down a series of videos that will get PTV Visum users started. For each video, I write down the steps on a piece of paper and put it in front of me while recording the video. After that, I always do a dry run to make sure everything goes smoothly when I start the real recording. Then, after I finish recording, I watch the full video and make sure everything is fine. Finally, I upload it to Youtube and share it with my work colleagues and on LinkedIn.

Whether I am modelling complex multimodal traffic systems or trying to simulate the behaviour of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of a complex traffic signal, PTV software will always have an answer.”

Reaching a global audience
The results were impressive. After a short period of time, the number of viewers started to grow, and I received so much feedback from people around the world. They had all watched the videos from more than 50 countries. After I had uploaded a couple of videos, I started getting enquires from the audience. Some of them had specific question about the software, and the rest were asking to create more videos about different topics. This motivates me to continue to share my knowledge about PTV Visum and together with my colleagues form the product management team we have launched the How-To video series which set us a target of creating over 100 videos.
More about Hussein:

Hussein studied civil engineering at the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. In his senior year at university, he developed a traffic impact study and decided to go in the transport field. His first job was at Parsons in Dubai as a traffic engineer, where he started working with PTV software using PTV Visum to predict the traffic flows for a large-scale master plan development and to construct major highways and corridors. The user-friendless of PTV Visum and the continuous updates helped him and his colleagues to save time and automate many steps during the projects. After two years he landed his dream job at PTV’s headquarters in Germany working with the product management team of PTV Visum and then moved to the PTV MENA office as a transport modeller.

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Hussein is a valuable contributor to the PTV Visum community. It is people like him that drive the community idea by sharing his knowledge and helping others.

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